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Mobile application to study and train

The Woach

Train and study without the stress

« Wellness in your body, wellness in your mind, wellness in your studies»

The Woach is a mobile application that can be used on a smartphone and with a smartwatch.

For all courses

Degree programs or not, all digitalized programs can be complemented in Woach

Sprint program

With a variety of activities (studying, worksheets, quizzes, recreation, recipes...), progress monitoring and deadlines to meet

Challenges among students

Quizzes are good, but a challenge is better. Students are invited to compete in various challenges

SOS: Call a coach

The student is called back within an hour (during business hours), regardless of the request!

Change your perspective

About studyin

Initially designed for students, the Woach mobile application allows you to review your training program, to work on specific issues, to adapt your studies to your own pace, to be supported by a virtual coach, to keep notes… It’s a complete toolbox at your fingertips (literally).

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