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The first educational metaverse to open


For a unique learning experience

The future of distance education

METAKWARK is the only educational metaverse that is open and unites the entire training and education community (organizations, companies, associations, schools, training organizations, etc.) at the service of the student, whether they are in their initial training or continued training.

Hybrid Education

Your remote learners now have an immersive presence

Comprehensive campus

Create your comprehensive campus within the metaverse: it's a permanent space for all your students

Collaborative spaces

For videoconferences, seminars, creative workshops, business meetings...

Job dating

Accompany your students until employment, or your employees in their internal career mobility

Our promise

In a unique and inclusive educational metaverse, we connect

METAKWARK offers its clients a unique learning experience, both for its services and its interactions with the various stakeholders: other students, trainers, recruiters, student council…

Showcase your outstanding service in your Connected Campus!

Good to know: METAKWARK is designed and developed to reduce its environmental impact and promote solidarity, in line with Kwark Education’s CSR policy.

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The importance of a virtual presence

The challenge for education in the metaverse is to respond to the problems and limitations of traditional distance education:

  • facing the difficulty of maintaining concentration, the metaverse provides interaction and stimulation;
  • to meet the needs of remote collaboration, it facilitates contact, group mixing, the continuous exchange of information beyond the meeting times, and informal gatherings;
  • While online training develops a sense of isolation and loneliness, the metaverse promotes openness and proximity.

MetaKwark is based on the cognitive science approach called “virtual presence” to create a feeling of being really present in a virtual environment. The three pillars of the experience in the metaverse are the feeling of self-presencethanks to its incarnation via the avatar, the feeling of spatial presence, and the feeling of others’ presence.

Four decisive reasons to choose MetaKwark

  • A MetaKwark session consumes 10 times less energy and data than a traditional remote video session.
  • All you need is a computer and a standard connection. MetaKwark is accessible on Google Chrome from a simple URL, without the need to load any applications.
  • Creating your avatar takes 2 minutes using a selfie. The navigation in MetaKwark is easy and intuitive
  • No need for 3D glasses. Everything happens on the computer screen
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