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Electronic learning & grading booklet

Kwark Skills

Comprehensive offer

Facilitate the CFA and company link,
focused on the student

• Grading tool based on a competency framework
• Electronic learning notebook
• Training for tutors and teachers

Integration of the competency framework

Evaluation & mission scoring

Work experience report generation

Skill validation

Monitor the work-study program

Tutor access

SSO connection with T-Book

Graphic charter adjustment

State-of-the-art technology for your

Learning Management System

The Qualiopi standard for work-study programs reminds us of the importance of monitoring students (criterion 2, indicator 13: Student coordination). It requires you to base your reports on the Grading tool based on a competency framework, evaluate students against the course outline, provide supportive feedback, and integrate all of the criteria and activities in the course outline into your grading.

Kwark Skills allows you to meet these obligations with both an EdTech solution and support for the student’s interlocutors in their company :

The program is designed to develop three key skills :

  • Welcoming and supporting the integration of the student/trainee
  • Support learning development and professional autonomy
  • Participate in the transmission of knowledge and the evaluation of students

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