1. I open the events tab

Go to the “event” tab and click on “display the list of your events”.

You can also search by date type.

2. I create an event

  1. Choose a name for your event: The number of characters is limited, so choose a concise title.
  2. Write the event description: This is very useful if you have a lot of booths (like the Digital Open House organization). It will enhance the experience of your exhibition participants.
  3. Choose a space from those available.
  4. Add speakers to your event: You will also be able to add speakers during the event at any time, from the back office accessible on your left-hand feature bar.
  5. Select the date and time of your event.

Please note: Be sure to allow extra time if you feel it is necessary. No one will be able to attend your event after the time limit.

  1. Click on create an event.

This information will be editable until your event starts.