We will show you how to customize your avatar in 3 steps. Let’s go !

You can change the look of your avatar at any time. To do so, click on modify your avatar modifier votre avatar in your personal space.

1. I model my avatar

First, model the silhouette and face of your avatar.

Choisissez le type de silhouette that represents you in order to customize and personalize your avatar.

If you want to create an avatar that looks like you, you can upload a photo of your face in our modeling tool.

ATTENTION: take a photo of your face without glasses. (if you wear glasses, you can add them later).

Insérez une photo or utilisez la webcam de votre caméra. This operation takes about ten seconds on average to give you a good result.

2. I refine the details

The second step is to work on the details of your face.

You may not be completely happy with the model at first.

You can modifier la couleur de vos yeux , votre type de cheveux ainsi que leur couleur.

We also offer you the possibility to choose your glasses from a selection. une sélection.

3. Dressing my avatar

Now, work on the clothing style of your avatar.

During your MetaKwark adventure you will attend several types of events. You will be able to adapt your style to all circumstances.

Choisissez parmi les look proposés, from serious to casual. Modifiez la couleur of your outfit to make it stand out.

And finally, with the help of the sliders, you can define your définir votre corpulence and height. votre taille.

Need more ideas? Click on random body. corps aléatoire.We’ll give you several clothing inspirations.

4. Accessing my campus

You can now access your campus by clicking on Terminer puis Démarrer We’ll see you in the MetaKwark, right away. 👋