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Intelligent exam management assistant and automatic grading application

Good Grades

When evaluation becomes a high added value learning activity

Freeing educational organizations from a tedious task

An intelligent exam management assistant and automated grading application, Good Grades leverages AI to decrease the burden of exam preparation and grading by 80%.

A unique tool to serve both teachers & students

Good Grades leaves the management and correction of exams to the domain expert and avoids the dispersion of results linked to the number of correctors. It also increases productivity within schools, thanks to the analysis of data between streams, sessions, cohorts…

Design and implementation

The lead teacher maintains control over the design and implementation of the exam. They are responsible for piloting and grading the tests.


The teacher corrects about 10% of the answers. Singular answers and the reliability rate of each automated correction are indicated to them.


Student feedback is also automated: factual, clear and concise, with suggestions for revision. Human errors are eliminated.

A unique application

Effective for all examination types

The application allows you to correct the structure, quality, style, and content of a document and to check the cited sources.

Free and without any obligations
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