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Digitalization of training programs made to measure

Made to measure

Transform your course,
Develop your training

Specialized in the engineering of certification courses and the digitization of post-baccalaureate training courses, Kwark Services has digitized more than 60 RNCP titles and 200 000 hours of face-to-face training.

Develop access to education and training opportunities

Responsible digital design

Enhanced learning experience

Economic performance

For your instructors

To (re)inspire them thanks to innovative and interactive tools

For your organization

Develop your training dimension

For your students

An optimal learning experience

For your own efficiency

Save on educational space

Digitalize training

A five-step process

Kwark Education has developed a patented iterative method to digitalize all or part of the student’s journey (admission, integration, welcome booklet, training, evaluations…), and all the educational modalities, both asynchronous (videos, courses, dynamic quizzes, case studies, assignments to be handed in…) and synchronous (virtual class, masterclass…).

Our educational design method is based on the SAM approach (Successive Approximation Model). It offers numerous advantages for the design phase: flexibility and reactivity to readjust the design process at any time by proceeding through iterations, successive validations to ensure that the production is in line with the best educational sequence, time-saving on the final acceptance because it is based on permanent feedback at all design stages.

Free and without any obligation

The digitalization management tool: T-Book Prod

Project management in the context of content digitization is the key to the mission’s success.

Suppose the Project Manager’s profile and experience are essential prerequisites. In that case, the diversity of stakeholders (trainer, scriptwriter, graphic designer, cameraman, editor, integrator, educational engineer, etc.), the degree of task dependency, validation, communication, and the frequency of back-and-forth between the service provider and the client all require an intelligent, automated tool dedicated to the digitization of training modules.

With T-Book Prod:

  • you follow and control the digitization process of your trainings;
  • all steps are shared with you and critical paths are evaluated;
  • clear deadlines;
  • you can scale up.
In two minutes, with no string attached

Simulate the savings generated by digitalization

Kwark Education accompanies you on the whole value chain

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