I am changing the naming of spaces

Je modifie le naming des espaces

1. I go to the back office The first step is to go to the back-office of your MetaKwark space select the “Spaces” section and click on the button, “display the list of spaces”. 2. Change the name of your space Once it is done, you just have to select the name of your space […]

I add displays

J’ajoute des displays

In the different clickable screens of your space, you can add: images, videos or URL links…

These features will allow you to make your spaces more dynamic in order to present different themes. These integrations are especially useful in the case of trade shows, JPODs etc…

I set up the campus

Je paramètre le campus

You are going to be able to modify several characteristics of your campus. Here is how to do it. 1. I open the “Administrator” tab. → Go to the back office of your campus and then cliquez sur le 1er onglet on your left. This page allows you to modify several administrative aspects of your […]