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Our values

Customer service

Our contracts fully commit us, all of us, both in their writing and in their intent, and we are committed to the quality of the service provided.


Always at the forefront of technology and education, we work together, our clients and partners, to invent a shared future.


We are committed to meeting your needs with creativity and to constantly improving and rethinking our solutions.

Kwark Education

Kwark Education


Our history

Kwark Education was founded through the merger of Cilevel Partners, a historical expert in digital education, and a media group focused on students, training and employment, with MCE and Demain TV.


Together, these two entities can offer their clients – schools, training organizations, companies, and students – a comprehensive range of services covering the entire education value chain: communication, guidance, digitalization, training, and certification.

Cilevel Partners, the digital transformation of training


forerunner in the digitalization of training courses

Creation of an innovative LMS

Cilevel Partners develops its LMS specialized in deploying certified multimodal training: T-Book.

Obtaining a patent

The research and development work in the field of content digitization was rewarded with a patent recognizing the singularity of the digitization process and the generation of video streams from a PowerPoint course format.

Innovation - AI

Cilevel Partners implements its PLUS algorithm, allowing the individualization of multimodal paths and the integration of educational resources according to the matrices and the targeted skills.


EdTech pole is created in Paris

Cilevel Partners moves and creates a 1,000 square meter center in the heart of Paris, dedicated to educational innovation and new technologies

Kwark Services & new offerings

Cilevel Partners becomes Kwark Services and launches new EdTech solutions: a study application, a complete customized campus for schools and training organizations, an automated grading solution, an educational metaverse…

Today, Kwark Services brings together visionaries from the educational world, digital experts, and experienced actors in its EdTech division, to offer a breakthrough educational approach based on the desire to learn, the individualization of courses, and student encouragement.

Specialized in the engineering of certification courses and the digitization of post-baccalaureate training coursesKwark Services has digitized more than 60 RNCP titles and more than 200,000 hours of face-to-face training.

Demain TV and MCE, intersecting trajectories of two media organizations

Canal+ created Demain TV in 1997 to be the news channel for employment, training, and entrepreneurship. It is now broadcast on DTT Île-de-France and on cable boxes.

MCE TV was founded in 2009. Very quickly, the channel acquired a website, which over the years became its main and only medium, driven by the development of social networks. In 2020, MCE became the sub-domain of the Ouest-France website aimed at younger audiences and students.

The two media organizations are now united under the Kwark banner, serving the world of education and employment.

From delivery to training

Kwark Education has also developed its own training offerings over the years. First, in 2018, Kwark created Digital Trainer, an organization specializing in remote trainer training, a logical complement to digitalization services.

Then in 2019, in response to the request for personalized training by companies for their work-study students, Kwark Academy was launched, the first 100% online school in the metaverse, which offers degree programs from pre-bachelor’s to bachelor’s level, in initial or continuing education.

And today?

Kwark Education is the EdTech leader in the digital transformation of postgraduate schools in France. By bringing together technology, education, and entertainment, Kwark Education is focused on the entire value chain of education, offering:

  • a recruitment system for work-study students and trainees thanks to its media organizations DEMAIN TV and MCE (in partnership with Ouest-France), and its orientation center;
  • Course digitization:digitized resources (+ 600 skill sets) and tailor-made digitization;
  • unique Edtech solutions: LMS, connected revision application, automated homework grading application, education metaverse;
  • Work-studyand continuous training online within the company;
  • Training the trainers through distance learning.


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