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How to recruit more than 100 apprentice in less than 4 month, evreywhere

Discover how Kwark succeeded in recruiting 102 work-study students for Chaussea, for all its sites in France, in only 4 months, and move up a gear!

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Since 2004, Kwark Education supports key players in the education and skills sector throughout their value chain, wherever they need it.

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Contents : 👉 Hard blow to CFAs: how to respond to the decline in takeovers? 👉 Kwark events 👉 The press review 👉 We read for you

Campus Matin, July 19, 2022

🌅 "Why not a campus under the sea?" The offbeat interview with Dominique Houdayer, founder of a concierge service dedicated to French and international students on mobility

Management of training, June 14, 2022

✅ Training in the metaverse: pro or con? Of all the digital innovations of the 21st century, the metaverse is undoubtedly one of the easiest to understand for the general public...